How to Treat Loose Adult Teeth

Whether it is because you grind your teeth when you sleep, you got hit in the mouth with a volleyball, or you suffer from gum disease, loose teeth are never goods things to have as an adult. How can you fix your loose tooth?

Only a Little Loose
If your tooth is only a little loose, then you may be able to just let it be. If you avoid playing with it, chewing on it, and try to eat soft foods for a couple of days, the periodontal ligaments may be able to tighten. Try this for a few days, and if your tooth is still loose, then see your dentist.
Tooth Splinting
Splinting a tooth is the most common treatment if your teeth have been loosened by oral trauma. The splint is cemented by a dentist on both sides of the tooth and left on for a couple of weeks. The stabilization the splint provides allows the stretched periodontal ligaments to heal.
Mouth Guard
If your loose teeth are caused by grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep, then a dentist will give you a mouth guard. When you grind your teeth, the smooth surface of the guard prevents you from stretching your periodontal ligaments. The mouth guard also stops clenching by cushioning the mouth.
Gum Disease Treatment
Unfortunately, loose teeth in adults are often caused by gum disease. Gum tissue becomes infected by plaque, and the damaged periodontal ligaments result in loose teeth. Ridding yourself of gum disease will also remedy your loose teeth. Your dentist may treat gum disease with deep cleaning, dental scaling, and root planning.