The Best Way To Pull Baby Teeth

Children are constantly growing and changing from their head to their toes. One of these changes occurs in the mouth when children lose their baby teeth and grow permanent ones. If your child’s teeth have started to loosen, you may wonder what is the best way to pull them out, or if you should even do so.

Timing Of Pulling

If a tooth is very loose then you can pull it, but not beforehand. Children start to lose teeth around six years old, starting in the front and working their way to the back. If these teeth are lost before their time (due to injury or decay), then the permanent teeth no longer have a place holder and may grow in crooked.

Let Children Pull Their Baby Teeth

It is always best to let children play with and pull their own teeth. They are the ones who can feel how loose it is and if it will hurt to pull out. Don’t worry about them accidently swallowing their tooth. It will not make them choke or cause other harm to the body. The most that will happen is your children worrying that they may not get a visit from the tooth fairy.

If You Pull The Tooth . . .

If your child asks you to pull out their tooth, check the tooth first. If there is a lot of resistance when you move the tooth back and forth, you should leave it in the mouth for a few days. If the tooth feels very loose, then grip it with a tissue and pull it out with a twist. If the tooth still doesn’t come out, then leave it in the mouth for a couple of days.