If a tooth has become damaged by decay or injury, our talented dentists may recommend fillings. Dental fillings are used to repair teeth that have been decayed or injured when the damage is not extensive enough to warrant the use of a dental crown. To restore the health of the tooth, Dr. Garner and Dr. Nichols will:

  • Remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth
  • Clean the tooth
  • Fill in the tooth with the chosen filling material
  • Shape and polish the dental filling to fit your bite and aesthetically restore the tooth

Fillings can typically be placed during just one comfortable appointment. Our caring dental team works hard to provide you with a pleasant, positive dental experience. Dr. Garner and Dr. Nichols will be glad to discuss with you the best type of dental filling for your individual dental needs. There are two main types of fillings: amalgam fillings and composite fillings. Amalgam fillings are created using silver amalgam, and they are silver in color. Composite fillings match the color of your natural teeth, and they are created using composite resin. We invite you to contact Vicksburg Family Dental today to learn more about dental fillings.